As I write we approach deep mid-winter and cricket seems a long way away. Since I last wrote there have been some amazing events - the Halloween Party, Bonfire Night, the 100th anniversary of the Armistice to name a few. Last night was the 2nd round of Verbal's Pointless Quiz - a fantastic evening. I can't believe Verbal has not sold the rights to a Television Company. The pot was not won so it rolls overs - I can't wait to the next episode.

I look back on our achievements over the last few years with real pride. I am never surprised by human behaviour but a few things have amazed me this year. I mentioned in my last blog about a blatant piece of gamesmanship when a person deliberately bowled wides to prevent a batsman scoring a ton. Cricket played that way is never right. 

We spent thousands of pounds improving the clubhouse for the benefit of members and their guests. And yet someone seemed to think it good fun (not sure what the fun is) to prise out the covers for the screws covering the new panels. We pride ourselves on our Clubmark status. We work hard to achieve it and to demonstrate that we have a safe environment for youngsters. Yet, sadly, someone thought it was acceptable to deface a notice on our board with an obscenity right in the area we show our Clubmark achievements. The person who wrote it clearly has more issues in life than most. Maybe they would like a chat with me about it, in confidence and perhaps I can help them. I some how doubt that will happen but perhaps, when the night is cold and dark and their sleep difficult to come by, they will reflect and see the cowardice in themselves.

I won't labour these points there are far more important things to talk about. On 4 December is the AGM - possibly the most important night in the year when the committee and captains reports to the members and the members have the opportunity to ask questions and elect the committee for the next year. We then move towards Christmas and there will be plenty going on. Watch out for the details. In January indoor training starts.  You will see we have been holding sessions already for juniors. This is part of our to increase junior membership.   

This is a short blog - it reflects the depressing shortage of day light. But I personally would like to thank everyone who has supported the club in 2018 and wish all members a very happy Christmas and prosperous new year.

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