Welcome to my first blog for some while.  I think it only right that I thank Andrew for stepping up to the mark and taking on the role of chairman. He and I have very similar views on the club, how it should be run and where it is looking to go.  As Chairman he has show the same determined leadership as he did when he was Club Captain and the club goes from strength to strength.


Now is a good time to reflect on what has been an incredible year for the Club. In February we closed the club for nearly three weeks  and carried out the biggest refurbishment of the clubhouse for over 25 years.  This was work we had planned for a long while but we could only do when the financial circumstances were right. We did not want to borrow a penny and working with and support from Ironbridge Interiors and others we achieved this. 

Just as we were finishing the work the Beast from the East  descended and Telford along with the rest of the UK was gripped in a spell of extreme cold weather. Even in early April the prospect of cricket looked a long way off. Incredibly it was all underway just a week late. And what a season - the 1sts finishing 4th in the premier league and the 2nds winning their division. The 3rds and 4ths both held their own on Sundays and there were some great performances.  We had 10 players who were placed in their divisions team of the year - amazing. We were plagued by other clubs conceding fixtures but I was very proud that we did not concede a single match. We cannot afford  to sit on our laurels we must continue to recruit girls, boys, women and men of all ages and abilities.  I know the club are planning a proactive campaign to recruit players and all help will be very welcome.  

I think it fantastic that the Shropshire League will be so much stronger next year. I sit on the League committee and am always interested to hear the views of colleagues from other clubs on whether the restructuring of cricket in the West Midlands is a good thing or not. I know when I was younger I always wanted to play the best opposition possible and I think most sportmen recognise that. 

I did manage to umpire some games this season and thoroughly enjoyed it. I find I see the game from a different perspective when I am adjudicating rather than competing. It is just as intense because of the need to concentrate but I find I can take a more detached view of the game. I love to see a classy innnings full of late cuts and classical cover drives, an intense battle between bowler and batsman, a brilliant bit of fielding  or a brave bit of leadership from a captain. Less enjoyable are the mindless comments and drivel coming from the mouths of some players. There is an art to sledging, it has been going on for years but some people seem to miss the point. 

The MCC revised the Laws of Cricket last year. In the preamble to the laws it states "Cricket is a game that owes much of its unique appeal to the fact that it should be played not only within its Laws but also within the Spirit of the Game. Any action which is seen to abuse this spirit causes injury to the game itself......" l found it pleasing that in most of the games I umpired the players from Madeley and the opposition did play within the spirit. But I also witnessed one of the most blatant bits of gamesmanship I have ever seen in 45 years of playing the game.  That one incident saddened me because it was so unnecessary and a sad reflection on what people want from the game. Play the game tough but respect your opponents.


As usual we have a busy winter ahead. Halloween, Bonfire Night, Armistice Day, Christmas party to name a few. Please support your club. The committee work so hard to  deliver continuous improvements to the club, ground and facilities. We have our 5 year plan which is a living document. We are in the process of reviewing it and can tick off many of the things we wanted to achieve. But we are also adding to it. Repairs to the roof, new changing rooms and an artificial track are high on the list.


Finally I want to thank everyone at the Club for the amazing support you have given to me and my family.  None of us knew then but June's last visit to the club was President's Day. She was so unwell but so determined to spend the day with her friends and family. The sun shone all day and it was quite perfect. I like to include some poetry into my blog. Afterglow



I’d like the memory of me to be a happy one.
I’d like to leave an afterglow of smiles when life is done.
I’d like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways,
Of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days.
I’d like the tears of those who grieve, to dry before the sun;
Of happy memories that I leave when life is done.

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