Madeley 1sts v Allscott Heath 1sts

Allscott Heath were the visitors to Park Street today, and Madeley were looking for revenge for the disastrous beating that they gave us on last Bank Holiday Monday.

Rain delayed the start of the match, but once it stopped it was now going to be a 39 Over per side match.

Madeley won the toss and elected to Bowl.

The pure professionalism in Madeley's Bowling was shown when Trevor Garwe Bowled Andy Flann (1) (6-1). Martin Boyle joined in and Bowled Carl Starling (4) (8-2). Chris Birkett (1) joined the others back at the pavilion when he was Caught by stand-in Keeper Andy Laycock from Trevor Garwe. (13-3) .

Allscott had a bit of a run with Jason Allen and Richard Benting settling themselves in nicely, but Martin Boyle had one more trick up his sleeve and Bowled Jason Allen (18) with an absolute beauty. (43-4). Rodney Dunn had one disastrous over and Bowled no more.

It was now time for the spinners Chris Hodson and Jonathan Prince. And what a decision it was, Chris Hodson took his first blood and Bowled Jason Summers (4) (54-5). Richard Benting (35) obviously knew that there wasn't much Batting to follow him and kept the strike. But in his determination to improve the score he miss hit one and was Caught by Doug Reynolds just inside the Boundary (72-6).

The Allscott tailenders couldn't really cope with the Madeley spinners. Josh Norris (4) was stumped by Andy Laycock, trying to smack Chris Hodson out of the ground (78-7). One run later Shaun Rigby (1) was Caught by Doug Reynolds from Jonathan Prince (79-8). Calum Starling tried hard but was quickly running out of partners. Kuke Thornton (10) Caught and Bowled by Chris Hodson (87-9). Calum Starling (11) eventually fell to Jonathan Prince, when Matt Stuart caught him on the leg Boundary (97 all out).

Madeleys two successful openers in Andy Laycock and And Lloyd looked to complete the target and were doing quite well until Andy Lloyd (8) was Bowled by Luke Thornton. (24-1). Jonathan Prince (13) settled in well at Three until an absolute horrifying misunderstanding with Andy Laycock and was Run Out (39-2).

Trevor Garwe and Andy Laycock looked like that they were there to stay. But going for the runs, Trevor Garwe (15) was Caught by Jason Summers from Joshua Norris (69-3) That was the last wicket of Madeley's to be taken as Andy Laycock (32 n.o.) and Liam Buttery (18 n.o.) took Madeley to a well deserved victory

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