Match Report Madeley 1sts v Sentinel 1sts

Sentinel who are in Fourth place in the Premier Division were the visitors to Park Street today They are just one place behind Madeley, so a good game was ensured.

Madeley won the toss and elected to Bat.

Openers, Andy Lloyd and Steve Pugh settled in quickly to the bowling of Malcom Serplet and Alex Johnson. Good defending by the pair enabled Madeley to get off to a fair start. So Malcolm Serplet was taken off and was replaced by Matthew Ellul. Ellul had Andy Lloyd (29) caught by Alex Johnson for the first wicket to fall (38-1). Gav Jones entered the arena to join Stato and they managed to add a useful 48 runs before Gav Jones (18) was bowled by Dominic Bradburne who had replaced Alex Johnson (86-2).

Jonathan Price managed to make 10 runs (1x4 ,1x6) from 9 balls, when he too became a victim of Dominic Bradburne (98-3). Our favourite Oz, Josh Bartlett settled in with Stato and looked like that they were going to add quiet a few runs between them, but Stato (55) who had faced 123 balls went stumped by Tom Matthews from Dominic Bradburne (131-4).

With six wickets in hand a fair score was still on. But it was not to be as the lower order collapsed.
Martin Boyle (0) became another victim of Dominic Bradburne when he was caught and bowled after only facing two balls. (135-5). Daniel Bowdler (4) was adjuged to be LBW from Dominic Bradburne (141-6). Rodney Dunn (2) went 7 runs later after he was another stumping victim of Tom Matthews, this time from Tom Cheshire (148-7).

Simon Woodcock (0) who had come in as a late replacement for Doug Reynolds also became a stumping victim by Tom Matthews to become Dominic Bradburne's sixth victim (149-8). Josh Bartlett (28) was still there trying to increase the total but became George Cheshire's second victim (151-9). Tail enders Jack Loftus (3 n.o.) and Shaun "Brick" Welch (6) added a few more, until "Brick" became Dominic Bradburne's Seventh Victim . Extras (12) were few and far between, and Madeley finished on 167 all out.

Sentinel with their strong batting line up, opened with Ed Ashlin and Steven Gray. Madeley's opening bowling was Martin Boyle and Josh Bartlett. It was Martin Boyle who struck first, bowling Ed Ashlin (16) 49-1. Almost immediately, Jonathan Prince who had replaced Josh Bartlett had Steven Gray (15) LBW (49-2). Things were looking a little bit brighter for Madeley until Joe Yapp and Jamie Wear deflated them a bit by adding 62 runs, when Jamie Wear (31) was caught by Martin Boyle for Jonathan Prince's second wicket (111-3).

Stand in keeper Andy Lloyd stumped Joe Yapp (38) for Jonathan Prince's third wicket (147-4). Rodney Dunn came into the attack managing to get Craig Heath (29) caught by Jonathan Prince (152-5). It was easy from then on for Sentinel to get the final 16 runs that they required, with five wickets in hand. Tom Matthews (10 n.o.) and George Cheshire (6 n.o.) done this, for Sentinel to finish on (170-5) from 43 overs.

With the points allocated from this match, Sentinel are only one point behind Madeley, but Sentinel have two games to play, and Madeley One game. 4th place is looking good for Madeley from which the season has had it's ups and downs.

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